Monday, August 1, 2011

Alcoholic fermentation

The first reaction requires the presence of Mg2 + and the second reaction regenerates NAD+ from NADH (one molecule per molecule of pyruvate). As I mentioned in the post of lactic fermentation, this is the aim of fermentation, the regeneration of NAD+ so that glycolysis can continue to occur.
The pyruvate decarboxylase enzyme is normally present in yeast used in the manufacture of beverages and bread. The gasification of champagne and other alcoholic beverages, as well as the bubbles present in the bread crumbs are originated by the decarboxylation of pyruvate.
The alcoholic fermentation does not occur in our bodies. Bear in mind that when I say this, I am not saying that we can not metabolize ethanol, as this is an independent process of fermentation. What I am saying is that it is impossible for our body to convert glucose into ethanol.

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