Friday, September 23, 2011

Music about the fatty acids

This music is about the roles of fatty acids in our cells and is based in the song Halls of Montezuma. It was made by Dr. Ahern

Fatty Acids in Our Cells

From the fatty acids in our cells
To the lipids in our brains
We are made of biochemicals
Built in metabolic chains

Using glycolytic ATP
And electron energy
We can synthesize most everything
With the help of Delta G

A cell will tend to pump out sodium
But potassium it imports
It accomplishes this magic with
ATPase antiports

Our bilayer lipid membranes
Protect the cells' insides
Partly made of sphingolipids
We know as gangliosides

When it comes to regulation
The little cell has got it made
It phosphorylates a lot of things
With its own kinase cascade

Stimulated at a hormone site
Metabolic yang and yin
That's turned on by epinephrine
And turned off by insulin

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