Sunday, December 25, 2011

Music about the thermodynamics of metabolism

The song Yesterday, from The Beatles, was used to create a music about the thermodynamics of the cellular metabolism. Here it is the final result, directly drom Dr. Ahern's imagination (

The Cell's Lament

Instructor sings
Woe is me
My substrates are losing entropy
Causing gains in Gibbs free energy
Oh I can't lose no en - tro- py

I could use a source of enthalpy
To combat the rise in Delta G
Oh I believe in enthalpy

Everyone sings
I crave en-er-gy
Don't you see?
It's getting worse

My re-actions all
Soon will stall
And then rever-r-r-se

Instructor sings
It's the metabolic currency
Guess I'll spend a bit judiciously
To help reduce the Delta G
Help reduce the Delta G

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