Sunday, January 15, 2012

Music about proteins

Here it is one more music from Dr. Kevin Ahern (, this time about proteins. It was based on the Oh Little Town of Bethlehem.

Oh Little Protein Molecule

Instructor sings
Oh little protein molecule
You're lovely and serene
With twenty zwitterions like
Cysteine and alanine

Everyone sings
Your secondary structure
Has pitches and repeats
Arranged in alpha helices
And beta pleated sheets

Instructor sings
The Ramachandran plots are
Predictions made to try
To tell the structures you can have
For angles phi and psi

Everyone sings
And tertiary structure
Gives polypeptides zing
Because of magic that occurs
In protein fol-ding

Instructor sings
A folded enzyme's active
And starts to catalyze
When activators bind into
The allosteric sites

Everyone sings
Some other mechanisms
Control the enzyme rates
By regulating synthesis
And placement of phosphates

Instructor sings
And all the regulation
That's found inside of cells
Reminds the students learning it
Of pathways straight from hell

Everyone sings
So here's how to remember
The phosphate strategies
They turn the GPb's to a's
And GSa's to b's

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