Sunday, September 23, 2012

Music about proteins

Dr. Ahern ( has created a march of proteins, inspired by The Ants Go Marching One by One.

March of the Proteins

Oh there's a method you should know that's very huge
It's spinning round and round inside the centrifuge
The supernatant, pellet too
You choose the one that's right for you
And from there we pu-ri-fy
What's inside

To size exclude filtration is the way to go
The beads have pores small proteins can go in you know
The largest ones, they come out fast
The smallest ones eluting last
And the proteins purified
By their size

Electrons power gel e-lec-tro-pho-re-sis
The protein is denatured thanks to SDS
Proteins in a minus state
Get sorted by atomic weight
Smaller ones in speedy mode
To the anode

Ion exchange is special chromatography
To switch cations, you must have a minus bead
Upon this bead, the proteins bind
They're positive, not any kind
And the others wash right through
Out to you

Oh my this song has given you a mighty list
Perhaps we'll just skip over ol' dialysis
So study HPL and C
If you have questions, talk to me
You will get through protein hell
You'll do well.

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