Saturday, October 20, 2012

Music about codons

This music was bsed on the famous When I'm Sixty Four, and talks about codons. It was made by Dr. Kevin Ahern (

The Codon Song

Building of proteins, you oughta know
Needs amino A's
Peptide bond catalysis in ribosomes
Triplet bases, three letter codes
Mixing and matching nucleotides
Who is keeping score?
Here is the low down
If you count codons
You'll get sixty four

Got - to - line - up - right
16-S R-N-A and
Shine Dalgarno site

You can make peptides, every size
With the proper code
Start codons positioned
In the P site place
Initiator t-RNAs
UGA stops and AUGs go
Who could ask for more?
You know the low down
Count up the codons
There are sixty four

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