Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Music about to study biochemistry

As it seems obvious, Dr. Ahern made a music about the exams of Biochemistry, and about the hard work that is to study for them. He got inspiration in the song The Yellow Rose of Texas. And by the way... for all that are at this moment studying Biochemistry... Good luck! ;)

Download the music here

The Mellow Woes of Testing

The term is almost at an end
Ten weeks since it began
I worried how my grade was ‘cause
I did not have a plan
The first exam went not so well
I got a fifty three
‘Twas just about the average score
In Biochemistry

I buckled down the second time
Did not sow my wild oats
I downloaded the videos
And took a ton of notes
I learned about free energy
And Delta Gee Naught Prime
My score increased by seven points
A C-plus grade was mine

I sang the songs, I memorized
I played the mp3s
I learned the citrate cycle
And I counted ATPs
I had electron transport down
And all of complex vee
I gasped when I saw my exam
It was a ninety three

So heading to the final stretch
I crammed my memory
And came to class on sunny days
For quizzing comedy
I packed a card with info and
My brain almost burned out
‘Twas much to my delight I
Got the ‘A’ I’d dreamed about

So here’s the moral of the song
It doesn’t pay to stew
If scores are not quite what you want
And you don’t have a clue
The answers get into your head
When you know what to do
Watch videos, read highlights and
Review, review, review

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