Friday, September 13, 2013

Music about to study biochemistry (2)

The "despair" and "anguish" of having to study biochemistry, with all those complicated names, and concepts that are not always very easy to understand, inspired once again Dr. Ahern, who this time was based on the song She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain.

Download the music here

Anthem for BB 350

Oh the students taking BB 350 - 350
Have an awful lot of things that we must know - 350
With acetic acid buffer
Kevin Ahern makes us suffer
The exams could not be tougher 3-5-0 – 350

There’s amino acid side chains to recall - 350
And the things it takes to make cholesterol - 350
Anabolic catabolic
Kevin Ahern’s diabolic
I’m becoming alcoholic 3-5-0 -350

There must be a way to jam into my head - 350
All the metabolic enzyme names I dread - 350
Can you help me learn the spaces
Where the endonucleases
Cut the DNA in places 3-5-0 -350

I must find a way to make a better grade
Or my GPA will truly get waylaid
I shall overcome frustration
To achieve my aspiration
On the last examination 3-5-0, 350

Here’s the plan I made to help me to succeed
Fill the notecard with the knowledge I will need
I’ve put all of Ahern’s quotes
Along with what each one denotes
Onto a massive stack of notes for 3-5-0, 350

So there’s just one teensy problem I must fix
It requires some very skillful penman tricks
Squeezing info I must store
Onto the card he gave before
Will mean a font the size of zero point one four

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