Thursday, May 29, 2014

Music about fatty acid oxidation

Dr. Ahern adapted the song When Johnny Comes Marching Home, turning it a song about the oxidation of fatty acids.

When Acids Get Oxidized

The fatty acids carried by
CoA, CoA
Are oxidized inside the
They get to there as you have seen
By hitching rides on carnitine
Then it goes away
When acids get oxidized

Electrons move through membranes, yes
It’s true, it’s true
They jump from complex I onto
Co-Q, Co-Q
The action can be quite intense
When building proton gradients
And its good for you
When acids get oxidized

The protons pass through complex V
You see, you see
They do this to make lots of
The mechanism you should know
Goes through the stages L-T-O
So there's energy
When acids get oxidized

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