Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Welcome to the World of Biochemistry…

Biochemistry is a science that is present in all of our daily moments. It is responsible for everything that goes on our body. Simple activities like sleeping, running, thinking, eating, among many others, require notable adaptations from our biochemistry.
Nevertheless, among the academic community, the word “Biochemistry” is usually also synonymous of a tuff course (usually associated with high unapproval rates), full of strange names and responsible for taking off many sleeping hours from students. As I believe that the things do not have to be like it, and once my college graduation was on biochemistry, I have decided to create a blog where I will try to explore biochemical concepts in a simple way (as it is possible…). I will regularly update the blog with new posts, and I really hope that the readers may contribute with criticisms, suggestions, posts and other relevant information.

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